THE gamechangers


The Gamechanger’s private coaching package is for those ready to develop their wellbeing, finances, relationships and contribution exponentially. This is my approach to my own personal development, and it will be a year that will change your life forever. You will set the agenda of course, but we’ll go deep into your mindset and you will experience a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual recoding to give you a whole new sense of self, life and contribution.


changemakers’ MASTERMIND

For the Gamechangers. For those who can see their vision and mission and want to go deeper into their journey as a changemaker. Who are ready to have more, do more and most importantly, be more in life. This is the ultimate mastermind group for those who are ready to have greater personal abundance and deliver a greater contribution for the world.
This is for you if you want more energy, more fun, fabulous relationships, a deep sense of and love for who you are in the world and a lot more financial wellbeing. And if you are ready to get right out of your own way and make the impact you know you can.


THE portal

An eight-week intensive Mastermind for female changemakers who are ready to evolve at hyperspeed. If you know you want to get ready to change the world at a whole new level and stop holding yourself back, then The Portal is the perfect platform to start creating the change you want to live. This magical container creates an intense experience of support, challenge and breakthrough that will leave you feeling shifted and ready for anything.


inner circle

Coaching is a powerful force for change when done well. It has the power to inspire change makers to new levels of themselves and to ignite greater positive change in the world. Whilst coaching skills are hugely important, who you are as a human being is where the magic comes from. When you become aligned with your own vision and mission, when you know and live your values, when you operate from your superpowers, coaching comes closer to alchemy! And that’s exactly what my Coaching Mastery Inner Circle is designed to help you do. A coaching mastery-mind, it brings like minded, visionary coaches together with a mission to inspire the world through personal evolution, transformational coaching skills, aligned business development and an ICF credential if you would like one. This membership is exclusively for coaches and brings together all of 20 years of experience as a coach.


legacy BY design

Human Design is an extraordinary tool for changemakers. Combining ancient and modern wisdom, it provides a Personal User Manual – a way to cut through to the truth about how you work at your very best. What it means for you to be fully expressed as a human being. It is a lifechanging, legacy accelerating tool that will help you to get unstuck, to flow faster and to feel more yourself as you move through the world. Find out more about Human Design and how you can work with Lisa in this way to accelerate and enhance your Legacy Creation journey. We have options from an initial reading through to 3-month private Human Design based Coaching for you to dive deep into your Design.

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