YOUR vision CAN BE
AS big AS
YOU want it TO BE



lisa-wynn-change-maker Legacy-creation-coach


you wish TO CREATE

in the world, no matter how big, or small, you can make it happen. Your contribution matters, and everything makes a difference.

And that vision can change over time. Changemakers can get so stuck in trying to define what their vision and mission really are. It isn’t cast in stone. It is all meant to be fun and to be evolutionary - as you achieve one shift in your life and the world, other potentials open up to you. You don't need to know the whole journey - you only need to know how to start.

I will help you to find your current sweet spot of motivation and belief and to get started. It's an old cliche that “success breeds success” but it is true because “potential realised, releases more and more potential.” As your belief grows, your vision will open out in front of you!

Real change requires a new mindset. It invites us to be more of who we truly are. To live more fully, more happily and more abundantly. It asks that we make a commitment to taking bold action, consistently. That we let go of the limitations that we have built up over time. That we claim our power to challenge, to break new ground, to do hard things and to have the best time doing them!



has genius, power and magic in it!”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Creating change in the world also requires self-care. I don’t mean it has to be all yoga and lentils (unless you want it to be), but you need to take care of yourself. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. We need to design and claim our own ideal lives and that we love ourselves dearly and fiercely so that we give the world the best of ourselves, not just what's left of ourselves.

In this way, the wave we are creating is a new paradigm where changemakers see that it is not only possible, but vital, to be happy, abundant and healthy. You first, then the world.

When we own this space, others can let go of their limiting beliefs that change needs to be hard; that to be of service we should suffer; that it is not okay to earn well whilst making a difference and that it should be a grind and not too much fun!

This is the energy of Legacy Creation - that wave that we rise in together, creating flow, abundance and wellbeing - personally, in our communities, across our countries and globally. To have fun along the way and to do it in a warm, supportive, challenging and loving group. If we don’t love what we do, we will resent and resist change. But fun makes change easy, joyful and most importantly, infectious to others.




and discover your




I’m Lisa, and these days I get to do what I absolutely love doing.

I have a gorgeous life and make a healthy income by making a huge difference in the world.

But it wasn’t always true, trust me. Not long ago I was in a very unhappy marriage and working ridiculously hard whilst being horribly in debt. My heart was screaming at me to get out there and realize my potential, but my own world was so overwhelming that the call to change the whole world went unanswered. I buried it deep, put my head down and got on with life.

On the outside I was a warm, supportive friend, a happy mum, a successful businesswoman and even a great wife. Inside I was crumbling. And then I found what I needed; the inner strength to sit myself down and ask myself what needed to change.

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For a long time, I looked beyond myself for the help I felt I needed. But then I realised that if I could help so many others to do this work, maybe I could help myself too? That’s the moment when I sat down and mapped out what I now call the Legacy Creation Framework – a programme that would help me to answer the questions I was asking myself. How could I change the world and look after my own life and loved ones as I do it?

And that programme became my unique contribution – I realized that what I wanted to do was support as many changemakers as I could to identify their own vision for the world and help them to achieve that without it costing them their wellbeing, their relationships or their financial security.

Now I combine my own experience, my coaching skill, my change and wealth creation expertise and everything I have learned as an entrepreneur to support people in stepping into becoming Legacy Creators. But the biggest lesson I learned is that you cannot do everything yourself and you shouldn’t even try. It takes a team, a tribe of likeminded people who will believe in you when you lose your own self-belief, who will step the heck in with advice and training when you need it, and hold you accountable to bring out the very best version of you.

These days I get to work with fabulous individuals, inspiring groups, global charities and even major corporations – household names, including one of Forbes’ “top ten companies who are changing the world.” What they all have in common is a desire to do better, be better and achieve more for the world. Whether you’re an individual, a corporation or a charity, you need to look after your own wellbeing, relationships and finances as well as your bigger contribution and that’s what I bring to every client – a commitment to hold you to account for your biggest contribution in the world, but also to your own health, happiness and financial success.

We are all on this incredible journey through life together and it is time to let go of some of the stories we have always told ourselves about changemaking - it’s hard, it takes a long time, it doesn't stick anyway and we should not earn too much money when in service of others. None of these are true and I would love to help you realise your potential and leave your impact on the world whilst living an incredible life.

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