What if…

“What if …” is a magical wish.

It creates reality in a moment. We say it in our minds and there it is. The potentiality is born and reality starts to align with it. We don’t even have to say it out loud, in fact we rarely do. We whisper it in our heads and then we shift into the energy of it, the levels of possibility that it holds and the behaviour that it inspires.

And the magic can go either way – dark magic and white magic.



So much of personal development is about gathering up pieces of ourselves. Finding the portions of ourselves that get separated and spread out.

This last year, we have been starved of travel and it has made me even more conscious of the gift of that. To be in different cultures, to see different backdrops, to witness life through different lenses. It helps you pick up and reintegrate those scattered fragments of your soul, like finding pieces of a jigsaw puzzle spread around the world.


Wish Fulfillment

My whole life I had yearned to see pandas. To be close enough to look them in the eye. Just to be in their presence. When it happened it was so far beyond my wildest dreams.

They were all so beautiful.

Each one was unique and had a clear personality – funny, naughty, kind, aloof. We saw them all.