The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

The Yin Water Rabbit is a very special year because all three aspects are on the Yin edge of their respective polarities.

The Rabbit brings peace, harmony, prosperity. She is the luckiest of all Chinese Zodiac signs. She has a deeply receptive, yin energy.

Water also holds yin energy - it is cool, flowing and holds the energy of humility in Taoism.

2023 therefore is hugely focused on yin, feminine energy.

A year to work on receptivity and inner peace. Like water, it will flow deceptively fast, creating real change whilst appearing to move slowly.

And it will flow right into a huge masculine energy year in 2024 - the year of the Yang Wood Dragon. Wood is springtime energy - yang emerging from yin. Growth following rest and replenishment. A year when we will be asked to face outwards, speak up, share and act.

2023 is a lot about healing in readiness for that surge of masculine energy in 2024.

It is about healing AND moving though. So often, we tell ourselves that to be in feminine energy is to be still, expectant, drawing what we desire towards us.

Water stagnates when still. Its power is in its flow; in its ability to change pace, sweep around corners, speed up and slow down and sometimes in its readiness to seep deep into the earth and work its magic way out of sight. Sometimes it appears calm on the surface but has a strong current below the smooth upper layer.

It can be busy below the surface, but serenely reflect the perfect image of the moon on its glassy exterior.

It shapes what it brushes against or past, gradually, inevitably, smoothly.

And it has the power to cleanse, to clarify and to move emotions through.

Taoism teaches that everything holds the polarities of yin and yang. That each person, animal, object, is an expression of the universe dancing with itself.

The Rabbit, will all her yin energy, has the power to leap and run.

2023 will be about this dance, this power.

It will be the work of learning how the Soul and the Human work best together.

A year to learn who we are and are not.

A year to embrace receptivity.

A year to listen to and to truly hear others; to create greater harmony in the world.

A year when it isn't enough to say or even to believe that you are not working from ego. The Soul will absolutely need to lead the ego, finally.

It will be a wild, beautiful adventure into what it means to live a Soul-led life.

I am so excited for this incredible year and looking forward to working with so many amazing changemakers as we leverage the yin power of 2023 and the yang energy required to support that.

Let's do this. Let's heal and move throughout 2023.

So much love,