What if…

“What if …” is a magical wish.

It creates reality in a moment. We say it in our minds and there it is. The potentiality is born and reality starts to align with it. We don’t even have to say it out loud, in fact we rarely do. We whisper it in our heads and then we shift into the energy of it, the levels of possibility that it holds and the behaviour that it inspires.

And the magic can go either way – dark magic and white magic.

Fear whispers What if we fail?”

Disappointment whispers What if we are let down again?”

Righteousness whispers What if we do it all again and they still don’t appreciate us?”

Pride whispers What if we look silly?”

And Safety says What if it hurts? What it we avoid all the pain and do it another time?”

We take one last lingering look at our dream and we turn away. And it feels like failure.

It feels like being let down. We feel silly and it hurts. And we probably don’t do it another time because we associate all of the fear and disappointment and pride with it, even though we never even tried.

And then …

Potential says What if we did just give it a go?”

Possibility says “Ooh and what if we inspire others to try and they succeed and then they inspire others?”

Potentiality says What if we look back on today and say, wow remember life before we made that amazing decision?

Excitement jumps up and says What if it turns out to be a whole load of fun even if we don’t succeed?”

Joy is leaping up and down by now What if this is the day when we plant a seed that grows and grows and then later we think, oh wow, I remember planting that?”

Gratitude smiles and says "What if we are grateful to ourselves forever for this decision?"

And Love says What if we just do it?”

“What if …” has magic. Use it wisely.

So much love to you,