The Root Chakra and Money

The personal development field encourages us to desire more. 

It tries to talk us out of all the reasons why we feel we shouldn’t want more.

There is so much support to “become a better version of ourselves” – the one that can have what we desire.

And this leads to all sorts of triggering and low self-esteem because we often don’t have the personal foundations on which to build real abundance.

The Root Chakra is the first to form and holds so much imprinting from our earliest life. It holds identity, survival and belonging. It is about support and creates the foundation of our ability to create and hold abundance.

It holds our stories about whether we believe we are enough or not. Stories that are locked deep in our cellular memory and linked to our cognitive beliefs and therefore, our readiness to accept more.

These stories often collapse money and worth. We lose track of the gap between the two – the separateness of them. They merge and blur and seem as one.

Without healing this Chakra, the more money we earn, the harder we will fight to undermine ourselves, because “more” feels life threateningly unsafe.

All healing requires a healthy Root Chakra as it brings us a sense of safety, belonging and security. It creates a foundation of groundedness and connection to self, life and others.

Reaching for “more” without this work will mean that you are building on foundations of sand.

2023 is all about healing and the Root is the foundation of that.

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