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The Mastermind for the Year of the Dragon.

Energetics. Wealth consciousness. Conscious Entrepreneurship. Community.

Wealth through impact.

First, your world,

THEN, the world

This is a life and world-changing container for those ready to make a quantum shift in their own health, wealth, relationships and life, whilst creating the change they wish to see in the world.

If you know you have a huge contribution to make and believe there should be no compromise on having in your own life what you want for others, then this Mastermind will be perfect for you.

It serves nobody for you to play small in the world. It doesn’t serve your mission, if you struggle financially. It doesn’t serve you if you suffer in the service of others.


This is for the Gamechangers - for those ready to evolve the paradigm of changemaking.

To be of service in a way the world has never seen before.

To start a journey that will inspire and forge a new reality in changemaking – Gamechanging.

We’re talking about more energy, more fun, fabulous relationships, a deep sense of and love for who you are in the world and a lot more financial wellbeing. 


It's time to get right out of your own way and make the IMPACT you know you can.


This Mastermind includes:

  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls,
  • Group Voxer support (me and your fellow Masterminders in your pocket) and access to all of my Legacy Creation Programmes,
  • Membership of CONVERGENCE - the new home for Changemakers.


is a rolling Mastermind container with a minimum commitment of 12 months.


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    Look deep into yourself and identify and dissolve the limitations that have held you back. Ditch the narratives that tell you that you have to compromise.

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    Refine your SUPER POWERS

    Your desire to make a difference comes with the superpowers to deliver on that. When you operate your own way, magic happens.

    Choose ALCHEMY

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    Dig deeper into your financial limitations and choose a new depth of abundance. Choose the true vitality that comes with overflowing health and wellbeing. Health and wealth are resources that all Legacy Creators require.

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    Strategize your MISSION

    Clearly define your vision for the world, your unique contribution to that vision and how you will make it happen. Design a roadmap with a difference – one that guides the way but that is fuelled with energetic clarity.

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    Evolve TOGETHER

    Support, challenge and inspire each other. As well as your own vision for the world, there is a need to evolve the paradigm of changemaking – this is a collective intention for this group. To define what it means to Lead from the New Possible.

THE future OF changemaking IS NOW
will you join US?

The more of us who are
prepared to live and lead their legacy,
the quicker the change will come.

Current investment:

£888 per month or £1,333 per month with a private coaching session per month.

Rising February to £1,111 or £1,666 per month with a private coaching session per month.

Email me today on or send me a DM to apply for membership of this incredible mastermind.