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- the ultimate coaching development experience

evolution for coaches, for coaching, for humanity

for coaches who want to make huge impact in the world

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coaching IS A powerful

FORCE FOR change

it has the power to inspire change makers to new levels of themselves and to ignite greater positive change in the world.

And it all begins with you...

I am BEYOND excited to be bringing you this incredible coaching development container. 2022 will be my 22nd year as a coach - I have built multi-six figure coaching businesses in the "real world" and then from scratch online since 2020. This is my chance to bring you ALL of the magic!

Coaching skills are important of course, but who you are and the energetic space from which you implement those skills, is where all the magic falls into place.

This space will bring you transformational coaching skills, ICF accreditation (if you desire it), knowledge and experience of many different aspects of applying coaching, strategy and energetics of coaching and business and so much more.

EVOLUTION is a blend of a membership, a programme and a mastermind - A Coaching Mastery-mind, it brings like-minded, visionary coaches together with a mission to inspire the world through personal evolution, transformational coaching skills, additional skillsets that will bring magic to your coaching, aligned business development and an ICF credential if you would like one.

Exclusively for coaches, this membership brings together all 20 years of my experience, in terms of coaching skills, business development, embodiment, abundance mindset work, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, human energetics, human design and so much more - all in one alchemical melting pot!

The recipe includes a blend of group mentoring, Facebook lives, a supportive Facebook Group, Hotseat sessions, Business Magic Sessions, PR support and many other tasty additions, including the option of 121 mentoring with me or one of my team.



4 coaching PILLARS

1 WAY, yours

Your path. Your six months (minimum) in this membership will evolve your coaching skills, presence and business.

1. Embodied Coaching Presence.

We will explore:

  • What it means to be fully present to our coachees,
  • What the blocks to our confidence and entrepreneurship are that hold us back and how to let them go,
  • How to create a transformational space,
  • How to bring that presence powerfully to our business development,
  • Our relationship with abundance and how it impacts our ability to create positive change in the world.

When we embody our real selves, when we own our personal power, when we believe so wholeheartedly in our coaching philosophy that we live and breathe it, we will find it much easier to draw the ideal people into our coaching services and to help them to transform within that space.

2. Transformational Coaching Skills

We will explore:

  • How to journey through the core coaching competencies towards mastery and beyond,
  • Different coaching scenarios and how we can adjust our skillsets for them,
  • How to coach in a way that generates real results and creates sustainable change,
  • Beyond the core coaching competencies to energy management, emotional intelligence and other personal development approaches that catch our attention!
  • How coaching becomes alchemy - how we shift from coaching the individual to coaching the human collective consciousness.

When you are an exceptional coach who knows how to facilitate deep transformation, your clients are going to be your best adverts and you will be even more fulfilled as a coach. Coaching becomes a force for positive change in the world, a way to change personal, team and global trajectories.

3. Business Magic

You will:

  • Explore your core strengths and build your marketing around those,
  • Delve into your Authentic Voice as a coach and make sure that you are speaking with it through your marketing and your business model,
  • Apply strategy and energetics to create an incredible business,
  • Align your business with your Human Design, so that it oozes alignment and magnetism,
  • Learn from some extraordinary entrepreneurs,
  • Be held to account on taking action and be supported in implementation days,
  • Learn about partnering with the press and have access to my PR databases,
  • Design your business model, services and sales approach.
  • Live truly aligned entrepreneurship.

The origins of “entrepreneur” are from an early 1800s word, meaning “manager or promoter of a theatrical production”. I love this! We will play with the idea of our businesses being a theatrical production where we consciously design the enjoyment, the entertainment, the meaning, the cast and the scenes. It is so important to bring lightness and creativity to our business building.

4. Clan

You will experience being held, supported and believed in within the family that is EVOLUTION – especially on the days when it is hardest to believe in yourself. I will be holding that space overall, but you will each be co-creating it. Get ready to share and receive life changing levels of support!


Your style of ‘teaching’ (although teaching seems an inadequate word to use) is inspirational you make it seem so effortless, enjoyable and simply mind blowing

Julia Miles, Life Coach





As a member of this magical group you will have access to:


  • Weekly coach training sessions that build into our extraordinary, ICF Accredited, Evolutionary Coach Training Programme,
  • Regular full day virtual coaching skills workshops,
  • Bimonthly full day Business Development Implementation Days,
  • Access to our online learning management resource,
  • All the support of an incredible group of coaches and mentors.


And the option of:

  • Monthly Group Mentoring sessions in groups of up to 10.
  • Bi-monthly 121 Mentoring sessions with Lisa or a team member.
  • My Mastermind for coaches who want to create six-figure impact - MUSE.

Any of these options can be added as and when required. If you just want to evolve yourself, your coaching and your business, hop straight into the Membership and when you are ready, add Mentoring or the Mastermind.

YOUR investment, FOR THIS

incredible CONTAINER:

Membership of EVOLUTION

Unlock the magic without the Group or 121 Mentoring - you can add it any time you wish.



Join the waitlist for next opportunity to join.

Membership plus Mentoring

EVOLUTION membership with Monthly Group Mentoring and Bi-Monthly 121 Mentoring.



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... and for coaches ready to step into personal and coaching mastery and scale to six-figure impact and beyond ...

We are proud to present


If you know that you want to grow your coaching skills, your coaching business, your presence and your impact in the world...

then MUSE is for you!

MUSE is a Coaching Mastermind and includes:

-  All of the content from the Coaching, Personal and Business Mastery Inner Circle

-  An optional monthly 121 mentoring or coaching session with Lisa for you to work on your coaching skills or business (we suggest alternating)

-  Access to all of Lisa’s coaching skills programmes whilst a member

-  A twice-monthly group call to deep-dive into whatever topics come up for the group- you drive the content

-  A private Facebook group

For more details on MUSE and to join the waitlist, click here.



Your journey in the EVOLUTION container begins with a 6-month minimum commitment PLUS the option to continue beyond 6 months.

An incredible network of coaches, ready to push, challenge and support your rise is waiting for you. It’s time to make your mark, and create your legacy by being exactly who you are.

Please note:

For the membership, you are committing to a six-month payment plan.

When you add Mentoring that is for a six-month period.

MUSE is a 6-month commitment with the option to pay in full for the year and lock in this introductory investment.

We reserve the right to surprise and delight and will aim to overdeliver! This is why we have these minimum time commitments.