THE gamechangers' COLLECTIVE

The Membership for Legacy Creators ready to take their business, life, wellbeing and relationships to the next level.


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Something I hear all the time from people is that they wish they could just do all my programmes and not have to choose. Well, as a good Manifesting Generator, I have responded!


I have created The Gamechangers' Collective for us to spend a whole year together. You will be invited to all of my Legacy Creators' Group Programmes and the CONVERGENCE Membership.


We will also meet once a quarter, just us in this Collective, for a half-day Virtual Retreat.

During theyear, we will explore the pillars of being a Gamechanger:

Wealth -
build a conscious, loving relationship with money

Entrepreneurship -

create a business that feels like a masterpiece

Radiance -

achieve and maintain the vitality to sustain your mission

Healing -

Life at its best is a Soul-led Journey. We are here to grow and learn and evolve. We need to be constantly healing in order to do that evolution.

MSI: Create Multiple Streams of Impact -

Conscious living around all aspects of how we attract, accumulate, send, invest and give money.


Wealth through IMPACT

first your world, then the



  • Loving support and challenge,
  • A series of incredible programmes on all things Legacy Creation - wealth, entrepreneurship, manifestation, wellbeing, business development,
  • A quarterly half day virtual retreat exclusively for members of this group,
  • Lots of belly laughs!



- Human Design

- Gene Keys

- Deep, transformational Coaching

- Somatic work

- Healing - Personal and Generational

- All sorts of wonderful exploration into Energetic Mastery

The invitation:

This is a 12-month commitment. We will create a space that serves the collective of the group, the collective of humanity.

This is for the Changemaker who wishes to live and create at all Levels of Potential – their own Personal Potential, through to the Pure Potential of the human collective consciousness.

This is no small invitation.

Will you accept?


Your investment

£333 per month for 12 months

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@£333pcm for 12 months



Lisa is a unique individual, fun, loving and boy she does work magic

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